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Kit Car Ford Escort Mk1 Mk2, Cortina, Anglia Steering Rack Extender Extension Kit
UNF version

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Steering Rack Extension Kit

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    Steering Rack Extensions for Mk1 Mk2 Ford Escort Cortina or Anglia

    Here are the Steering Rack Extensions you need when modifying track width of your car.

    These will extend the rack by 120mm (60mm per side).

    They are machined from 22mm mild steel hex bar and are threaded 7/16"UNF at both ends to fit escort steering rack and track rod ends which are the same thread.

    Also available with M14 x 2mm thread.

    These can be made to your own specification, if 2 x 60mm (120mm) is not the size you need. Other threads available, just ask.

    Remember measure twice order once.

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