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Kit car Sierra Steering Rack Lock Stops for MK Locost Robin Hood Haynes Roadster

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Steering Rack Lock Stops

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    Kit car Ford Sierra Steering Rack Lock Stops for preventing full lock damaging / touching your cycle wings / mudguards.

    It's an IVA requirement that no parts can contact the suspension / wheels on full lock.

    These Lock Stops are 26mm long which guarantees no contact even on full suspension movement.

    Each Lock Stop is fitted with two locking grub screws for added security and to ensure that it retains its position.

    Easy to fit,

    Just pull back the boot / gaiter off the rack gaining access to the rack end, unscrew the rack end and slide one steering rack lock stop on. Re-attach rack end and lock in position as required, slide lock stop up to rack end and secure in position with the two grub screws provided and thread lock. Re-attach boot / gaiter and repeat on the other side.

    In stock and available for immediate dispatch.

    Custom sizes available if this is not the size you need.

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